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Update incident detail tab when task is completed

Question asked by sb_ford on Jun 6, 2017

For my PC deployment workflow, I have several tasks for each stage of the deployment generated via service request workflow. I also have a detail tab associate with the PC deployment service request to provide our techs a place to fill in all of the pertinent info. My hope was to trigger a field update on the detail tab when the tasks were complete via prompt. So, when the first "Image Computer" task is marked complete, have a prompt open for the computer name which would then be entered on the detail tab. The triggered action would be based on the task's status field, but when I create the trigger and try to add a "Update Object" step, I can only reference the task's fields. Is there a way to reference a field in another tab? I couldn't get manually entered syntax for a field named ComputerName on a form named Detail_PCDeploy in ServiceReq to work.