[HEAT SM 2016.x] Multi level Incident categorisation - implementation / best practices

Discussion created by marek.woda on May 24, 2017
Latest reply on Jun 10, 2017 by ahummel

Dear All,


I guess at least some of you have already rebuilt out of the box Incident categorisation.


Question is: what is the best way to built multilevel categorisation for Incident


I'd like to have implemented something like 


Main Category 1

   Sub Category 1.1

      Another subcategory 1.1.1

   Sub Category 1.2

      Another subcategory 1.2.1

      Another subcategory 1.2.2

Main Category 2

      Sub Category 2.1

      Sub Category 2.2



Any recommendations / steps how to do it / screenshots ?


Thanks in advance for your prompt support.