DSM Upgrades - 2016.2 - Rant

Discussion created by wardclerk on Feb 10, 2017
Latest reply on Apr 13, 2017 by wardclerk

1) This version appears to have more than its share of new bugs.  I suggest that Ivanti needs to invest more in QA staff for regression testing.

2) I wish they would communicate more with existing customers when they are planning a change or addition to some basic functionality that they should know could impact existing packages or policies.  We've gotten bit by multiples of these changes that were not highlighted in any upgrade release notes.  Thats what the release notes are for. I deal with a lot of product vendors, and most don't get this right, but at least one hosts webinars with current customers to discuss any changes that could risk current installation and asks for their feedback.

3) To be fair, i was upgrading from an old 2014.1.x version to 2016.2 - Big jump, but I dutifully searched through all the release notes for "gotchyas". 

4) In the future, I will try to stay current on releases, but hope Ivanti (under its new name) will be more proactive with their DSM admins on proposed changes.  The beta program is certainly a move in the right direction.