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Return of the LANrev PowerTools

Question asked by baotran on May 26, 2016
Latest reply on Apr 28, 2017 by fredlars

Hi everyone,


As many of you may have noticed we lost the PowerTools section with the move from Absolute Software to HEAT Software. I'll be slowly adding items back at the URL below once the utilities have been updated with HEAT branding and reference the new product name LANrev, which interestingly enough also happens to be the old old product name.


HEAT LANrev PowerTools


You'll be seeing some of the old tools that you're used to along with some new ones that you might hopefully find helpful. If anyone has a favorite tool from before that they don't have a copy of let us know and we will try to update those first. Send an email to with your request.


Fair bit of warning that these tools are for Windows. They are also not officially supported by HEAT Global Support so do not contact them with issues you may have with them. You can send your feedback and suggestions to


Some interesting ideas we've been tossing around and in some instances have prototyped are things to


- automatically reset an on-demand package so that they're almost always available

- automatically reinstall a package if the app it installs can't be found to sort of make the app mandatory

- check if an agent's server settings like server addresses and intervals are incorrect or not

- detect if a piece of software is present based on multiple criteria (process, installed software entry, file entry, registry entry)