Request Offering - Repeating Section (Add another)

Idea created by on Nov 10, 2016
    • cchatz
    • wernerbj
    • vee
    • dcogny
    • gbaney

    Sometimes when designing Request Offerings, it would be useful to allow the user to click an option to "Add another". 


    Scenario:  a user is completing a request for a "new email list".  They've just completed the fields:


    - List Name

    - Desired email address

    - Owner

    - Posting Option (open or moderated)


    They then want to add another list.  Currently when designing these, I will need to decide between the following:

    - Do I make them fill out a separate request if they want another?  or;

    - Do I have an option at the start asking "how many would you like?"  then code the form for up to an arbitrary number that I decide (usually 5) and put visibility settings on the other fields so they only show up if they've selected the quantity they want.


    But I have no idea if the user would want more than x at the time of designing the offering.  It would be handy if there was an option where you could declare a particular part as a repeating section and at the end have a button where they can click "add another" and the fields inside that section simply repeat on the form as many times as they choose.